Andrew McCarthy

I got the privilege to sit down at Andrew’s seminar at the LA Times Travel & Adventure Show last month. Of course he was introduced as the guy in Weekend at Bernie’s, St. Elmo’s Fire, Pretty In Pink, etc…such a stud! It was pretty neat to hear him reveal that though he’s an actor, he’s always been afraid of people.

I recall in bits what he mentioned, “I do ask a lot of questions…I was always a fearful kind of person…travel is great for me, it gets me out of myself…and I have to ask for help.”

He also admitted to something I also believe and understand well: that it’s quite the experience to go solo. He feels he’s just a better version of himself when he travels solo. In an article I read, Andrew believes “Everyone in my family, myself included, is a much better version of themselves when we get far from home.”