Adventures aren’t always going to be positive. Sometimes you’ve got to bite the dust before you hit the sack-and dust don’t taste good. If you think about it or not, maybe that’s what makes it an adventure anyway? Living with failures, mistakes, fighting and losing, only strengthens to get up again and try something different (perhaps after couple of days of wanting to give up).¬†Bite it, eat it, eventually fall asleep only to wake up and do it again with unknown circumstances: adventure. Negatives such as becoming hopeless due to failures can evolve into an adventure ‘cause ultimately overtime something is learned (hopefully) and change occurs along the way. We never know what will happen and maybe, just maybe its best to make the most of it, regardless of the situation. Open up to chance and a little faith…what you see is what you get and what you do is what you achieve. C’est la fucking vie!