My name is Gia, and I'm a California native in love with nature, dance, and photography.

Integrating my soul and knowledge in graphic design and art, my photography explores various conditions in environment and space, mood and life within my subjects. Often working in natural light, experimenting with color and black & white, sincerity and creativity, I intend to portray life as I see it and how I believe it is as is-to capture what I trust is truth. My inspiration stems from my travels-outdoor adventures both near and far from home in Los Angeles, wonderful people I've met and befriended, music, movement, dance, nature and wildlife I admire. Using both film and digital cameras, still chromatic images emerge as life is what it is in my photographs.

From real-estate to active lifestyle and portraits, I shoot special events such as birthdays, nonprofit parties, fundraisers, engagements, and often collaborate with weddings. My current passion persists in nature, movement and dance photography behind the scenes, on or off stage. My mission is to help others savor life, treasure moments, and make capturing their life events and experiences more than just a photograph.