Caldo De Cana

Or “guarapo,” is also known as raw cane juice. Randomly searching for local juice bars like Jamba Juice or Real Raw Live to satisfy my crave after hiking and lunch, I came across Raw Cane Super Juice I’ve sampled a couple raw mixes, and this particular potion definitely makes me feel more like a cave woman, less of an island girl. It’s like drinking grass juice, literally like sticking a straw straight into the earth. It’s fresh, natural, simply stated-raw. Unrefined sugars, chemical free, and lowers cholesterol. It’s not so bad though it’s definitely something to get used to. I currently have chlorophyll lime raw cane juice in the fridge-its green. My favorite so far is the coconut raw cane smoothie. Good stuff. Also, I must add, the people at Raw Cane Super Juice are nice.