I totally can’t keep up with this fast paced, busy, oh my-I’m so going to get hit by a yellow cabbie any minute before I know it kind of city, but my favorite reality of it is you’ve got to walk ninety percent of the time. Indeed-built with massive, highly effective public transportation, but for the real deal, it’s always best to get on foot.    

I feel lucky for I’ve always had a free ticket to New York City. My first, closest visit to Manhattan was in ‘95. I arrived from Jersey area to Ellis Island to see Lady Liberty, which was a great, fun family experience in the rain-wind and inverted umbrellas everywhere!

Ten years later, I experienced my first official “whoa, I’m actually in the city” when Kuya gifted me a plane ticket for Christmas. I flew into Manhattan with Janelle, where I stayed with her for two weeks into the New Year of ‘06-that’s a whole story in itself…it was great! Ok, snippet: I first learned about Manny Pacquiao through my older “NYE date,” Nate who looked like Danny Tanner raving about his favorite boxer, who happened to be Filipino-just like me. And there was Effy, who managed Effy’s Cafe in upper east side and walked me around some…definitely, a gentleman. We kept in touch for about a year-with only two phone calls in between.

Anywho, within the past three years, reoccurring visits to the city mainly have been for business and work. For every visit, during my free time (if any), I’ve squeezed in a little sightseeing-either alone, with work friends, or lately (and luckily) with Pamela. 

Manhattan is an artful and fun, never ending city sustained with life, cafes, and great parks. I’ve yet to spend hours in Central Park and continue walking the city next time around. Though I still prefer a mellower city like Philadelphia, I’ll admit, the Big Apple has left its imprint on me.